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I am a Wilmington, Delaware/ Philadelphia, PA- based artist specializing in Portraiture, Fine Art, and Live Concert photography.

My most successful work has been a self-designed color infrared technique  that takes the traditional infrared photo and maintains sky color. This work has been published on book covers, CD / DVD covers and magazines, and has been the focus of several successful exhibits. I've been working on a book of this work, to be entitled Spirit of Eden, since 2010. So if you are a publisher, do tell.

I believe that photography, like all art, is ultimately a form of communication. My goal is to find a voice that is both unique and inspirational, and share it as much as possible. That, or to just find the beauty that exists in everything.

I consider myself very lucky to live in Arden, Delaware, with my wife Keri, daughter Alex, and a growing zoo of pets.

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